LEGO Gold Boba Fett & Silver Boba Fett: 2010 Comic-Con

The 2010 Comic-Con has revealed 2 rare LEGO Boba Fetts. One of them is a 14-Karat Gold LEGO Boba Fett. The other one is a Sterling Silver LEGO Boba Fett.  10 000 LEGO White Boba Fetts have been made but only 2 of each (gold and silver) have been made!

If you are visiting the LEGO booth, be sure to enter to the draw for your chance to win a prize package consisting of a LEGO Gold Boba Fett, a LEGO Silver Boba Fett and a LEGO White Boba Fett. Thanks to forum member Eddy976 for the news.


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