LEGO Group Handover to next Family Generation

The LEGO Group, a private company owned by the Kirk Kristiansen family has announced that it will pass over its ownership to the next generation. Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen will switch roles with his son, Thomas Kirk Kristiansen. Thomas is the fourth generation of the LEGO family.

“The Kirk Kristiansen family, which owns the LEGO Group, announces today that the family will now take important steps in the smooth handover of active ownership to the next generation – a process which has been under way for several years.

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen (68) and his son, Thomas Kirk Kristiansen (37), will swap roles on the board of directors of LEGO A/S – with Thomas Kirk Kristiansen becoming deputy chairman and his father becoming an ordinary member of the board. On the board of the LEGO Foundation Thomas Kirk Kristiansen becomes chairman, with Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen becoming deputy chairman.”

You can read more about the handover at the LEGO Press Release room.

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and Thomas Kirk Kristiansen LEGO Group Handover 2016