LEGO Halloween Series 14 Minifigures Now Available at Target Stores in America

Ebjazzz writes in to inform us that 71010 LEGO Series 14 Halloween Minifigures are now available for sale at Target stores in America! They are priced at $3.99 each. He managed to get a box of these minifigures (60 minifigures are in a box) and reports the following distribution. Looks like Banshee, Crazy Witch, Tigher Girl, Werewolf, and Zombie Businessman and Cheerleader are the rare ones!

Banshee 3 RARE
Bigfoot 4 UNCOMMON
Crazy Witch 3 RARE
Fly Monster 4 UNCOMMON
Gargoyle 4 UNCOMMON
Horror Rocker 5 COMMON
Lady Vampire 3 UNCOMMON
Mad Scientist 5 COMMON
Man-Eating Plant 4 UNCOMMON
Skeleton Boy 4 UNCOMMON
Specter 4 UNCOMMON
Tiger Girl 3 RARE
Werewolf Lumberjack 3 RARE
Zombie Businessman 3 RARE
Zombie Cheerleader 3 RARE
Zombie Pirate Captain 5 COMMON

*The Target DCPI number for this series is 204001379. Thanks to forum member ohiojeff for the tip.

LEGO 71010 Series 14 Minifigures Official Picture - Toysnbricks