LEGO Harry Potter The Burrows – £39.99 ($61 USD)

We mentioned this last week, but we’re a little suprised that some of our forum members are not aware of this yet. If your trying to complete your Harry Potter Collection, 4840 The Burrows is still available for a great price of £39.99 (reg.£61.99) at Amazon UK. As always, extra 16.7% off tax discount if you live outside of Europe.

If you are from US/Canada, this effectively works out to be £38.28 after shipping and tax discount. Thats roughly ~$61 USD which is the retail price for this set or 24% off for Canada! The set is very hard to find now and is going for around $85 + shipping on eBay right now.

Price for a Burrows Set

  • US/Canada: £33.33 +  £4.95 = £38.28
  • Outside of Europe: £33.33 + £22.58 = £55.91
  • Europe: £39.99 (price may differ 1-2% depending on your country’s VAT rate)

Shipping Rates at Amazon UK

  • US/Canada: First Item £4.95, Additional Items £2 each
  • Outside of Europe: First Item £22.58, Additional Items £1.59 each
  • Europe: Free shipping on orders above £25
  • United Kingdom: Free shipping with no minimum purchase

For more of their hottest LEGO deals, you can check their Bestsellers LEGO Sales List for more great deals! Note that not everything ships outside of Europe.