LEGO Hero Recon Team – April 11 Last Day for Orders

The last orders LEGO will be taking for physical LEGO Hero Recon figures will be on April 11, 2012. After that date, LEGO Hero Recon Team will be going 100% digital. Below is their press release.

The LEGO Hero Recon Team will be going 100% digital in April, replacing the current physical ordering service with a new 3D version of the LEGO Hero Creator that will offer a better digital experience of building LEGO Hero Recon Team figures online.

Unfortunately, that means that from April 11 we will take the last orders for physical Hero Recon figures. In its place, the digital building experience will be completely revised and concentrate on the strengths of the LEGO customization experience.

As with LEGO Design byMe we have seen high traffic to the Hero Creator service, but only a small percentage of the heroes designed have been ordered as physical products to consumers. We are accepting the fact that most visitors prefer to build digitally and therefore improving the options available. Freed from the need to ship physical products, we can now offer a larger palette of Hero Factory elements, making even more building choices. From April Hero Recon figures will be able to go undercover wearing the villains’ masks, armour and weapons.

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