LEGO IDEAS 10th Year Anniversary Review and Fan Vote

Earlier in late 2018, it was the 10th year anniversary of LEGO Ideas. They are now having extended celebrations where they will look at previously not approved 10 000 supporters LEGO creation projects. These projects could potentially become the next official LEGO Ideas set in 2020.

The four projects that will be reviewed include Small YELLOW by Nathan Sawaya (previously known as ‘brickartist’ on LEGO Ideas), International Space Station by XCLD, Stitch by Legohaulic and Sega Classic Arcade Machines by SpacySmoke.

This time, the evaluation will be based on user votes on these 4 creations. The creation that gets the most votes by June 4, 2019 will be made into an official LEGO Ideas set. More details can be found on LEGO Ideas.

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