LEGO Ideas Project Futurama Planet Express Headquarter Achieves 10 000 Supporters

The latest LEGO Ideas Project Creation to achieve 10 000 supporters is LEGO Futurama Planet Express Headquarter, Spaceship and the Crew by ThomasW. Congrats!

Your project would now be headed to the LEGO Reviews stage where it would be evaluated to potentially become the next official LEGO Ideas product.

LEGO Ideas Project Futurama Planet Express Headquarter

I created this set about 5 years ago but never published it.
Two weeks ago while watching TV I saw an episode of Futurama and thought: why not, lets try it.
So I opened my old project and I wasn’t really happy with the old design.
I had to make some updates and added some more details.
The Main Building:
The globe is openable and within you can find the laboratory of Prof. Fransworth.
You can also remove the globe and the canopy to play inside the entrance.
The roof of the hangar is foldable.But you can also remove the backside wall to play inside.
There is enough space to place the spaceship inside the hangar.
The conference table room is included and located unter the canopy.
The hangar also has a small second floor.
High Voltage Pylon:
On the backside of the HQ you can find a High Voltage Pylon which is connected to
the HQ to deliver all the energy that planet express needs.
Main Characters:
Fry with a pizza of Panucci,
Bender with a lot of money,
Leela with some tools,
Amy with a book,
Prof. Fransworth with some equipment,
Hermes with a briefcase,
Nibbler and dark matter,
Zoidberg with an injection syring,
Scruffy Scruffington with his broom.
Part count:
HQ 2100
High Voltage Pylon 60
Spaceship 180
Slurm Sign 100
The Big Question:
How would you like to have the Futurama Headquarter?
– a total closed building like I did ?
– a half open building like “The Flintstones Idea” ?
– just a part of the building/scene like “The Big Bang Theory Idea” ?
Its up to you to help me to realize an Idea for you.
Together we can make a dream come true and create the best Futurama set ever.

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