LEGO Legends of Chima Storyline

The Hungary LEGO Store Facebook page has revealed the storyline for the upcoming 2013 LEGO Legends of Chima theme. Seems like a pretty cool adventure theme! Thanks to forum member anthonyj8 for the news. (via The Brick Blogger)

The Story

“We were fortunate enough to be able take a look at the new LEGO Legends of Chima theme. Unfortunately at this point we cannot provide pictures, however to keep you from waiting, we are unveiling the story behind the legends.

The Chima Kingdom is a magical land, ruled by very advanced animal species. These creatures walk and talk like humans. They drive vehicles, use machinery, and live in amazing castles and fortresses. But don’t be mistaken; these animals still have claws, teeth, tails and some even wings. And right now they are at war with each other.

The Chima Kingdom that was once a pure and natural paradise, transformed into a barbaric battlefield of animal species armed to the teeth. Best friends turned into sworn enemies. Ruthless weapons are destroying the once sacred temples. In the forests blood-thirsty vehicles are furiously charging at each other in deadly duels.

The creatures are fiercely fighting over the possession of the super-powerful natural energy-source called Chi – which is the source of life, as well as the source of unimaginable destruction.

Only a few brave heroes understand the true nature of Chi, and that its misuse will lead to the total destruction of Chima. Their story, and the story of those who want to destroy them is known as The Legends of Chima…

LEGO Legends of Chima will be introduced next January with an initial 14 LEGO sets, along with a 22-minute independent TV-series. Are you ready?”

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