LEGO London Olympic Minifigures Available Worldwide

Update: All sold out now. For those living outside of Europe, we would recommend contacting John Lewis regarding their VAT/tax since its not being removed during the checkout process. Literally, you shouldn’t have to pay 16-17% tax on it (the tax is hidden in the price of the item).

If you are outside of the United Kingdom, no fear as these LEGO London Olympic minifigures are now available for direct international sale! They are sold by a Britain retailer known as John Lewis (similar to Sears/Macy’s) and the minifigures are also priced without markups at £1.99 (~$3.12 USD). Thanks to Adamson for the heads up.

Shipping is very heavy for international shipments. However, the good news is that its only a flat £25 charge (~$40 USD). This means that you can order as many minifigures as you like for the same shipping price. 20 minifigures would work out to be about $5/minifigure, 60 minifigures would work out to be $3.67/minifigure, 120 minifigures would work out to be $3.33/minifigure and so on.

LEGO London Olympic Minifigures

Shipping Charges

  • United Kingdom: Free Shipping
  • Europe: £7.50
  • International: £25.00

*International countries includes United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.