LEGO Lone Ranger 2013 Theme

Here’s another rumor theme: LEGO Lone Ranger. The theme is licensed from Disney and is based on the upcoming Western style movie Lone Ranger. Thanks to forum member anthonyj8 for the news.

Klaus-Dieter from Eurobricks reports this: For the Western fans amongst us, I have good and bad news concerning next year: The good news is that there finally will be a new Western theme which shall be out in April 2013. There will be one huge set, three medium sized sets and two small sets. Regrettably I don’t more since there were only empty boxes painted in the retailer’s catalogue. The imo bad news is that it will be licensed – namely based on the new Walt Disney movie “Lones Rider”(*). Bad this is imo bad because firstly we’ll get fleesh minifigures which don’t go with the regular minifigures and secondly licensed means that we have to pay much more money for the sets than for possible unlicensed ones. I wait and will see. I anyway would be only interested if we got some decent civilian buildings which we’re looking for since decades (saloon, ranch, post office, etc.).

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