LEGO Lord of the Rings 2012 Sets (9469 9470 9471 9472 9473 9474)

A youtube video showcasing 6 LEGO Lord of the Rings 2012 sets has surfaced online. Thanks to the video we now have most of the set names and numbers for these upcoming LEGO Lord of the Rings sets. (via Smashing Bricks)

I’m not really aware of the characters/scenes for Lord of the Rings as I never watched them before. However, they look pretty cool as LEGO “Castle” sets!

  • LEGO 9469 Gandalf Arrives
  • LEGO 9470 Shelob Attacks
  • LEGO 9471 Uruk-hai Army
  • LEGO 9472 Attack On Weathertop
  • LEGO 9473 Mines Of Moria
  • LEGO 9474 The Battle Of Helms Deep

*There is also a rumored LEGO 9476 The Orc Forge set but thats not shown in the video.

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