LEGO Minifigures Display Cases (Stackable)

Update 2: Facebook Fan Nicola reports finding these cases at BigW in Australia. The large display case is only $19.99 AUD. This probably means that Toys R Us in USA has marked up the prices.

Update: It appears that the display case comes with 1 plain minifigure, but only the large display case comes with stands. (thanks peanut)

Forum member mah4546 informs us that LEGO has just released 2 new stackable LEGO Minifigures Display Cases. There’s 2 sizes of LEGO Display Case including a small case that can display up to 8 minifigures and a large case that can display up to 16 minifigures. Available in red, yellow, blue and black. Great for storing or displaying your LEGO Series Minifigures! Note that no minifigures are included and LEGO Support Stands are only for the large minifigure display case.

These 2 LEGO Accessory items are currently available at Toys R Us USA. Price at Toys R Us is $14.99 for the small minifigures display case and $22.99 for the large minifigures display case.