LEGO Mixels 2014

LEGO Mixels 2014 Poster (Pre)

A German LEGO Retailer Catalog that surfaced on Brickshelf (other 2014 sets are also there) has revealed images of the latest theme – LEGO Mixels. Based on the Cartoon Network cartoon show, nine sets will be made available and you can combine them to make an even bigger model. Available Spring 2014. (via Hoth Bricks)

LEGO Red Mixels (combine all 3 to make Kombi Infernit)

  • 41500 Flain
  • 41501 Vulk
  • 41502 Zorch

LEGO Grey Mixels

  • 41503 Krader (combine all 3 to make Kombi Cragster)
  • 41504 Seismo
  • 41505 Shuff

LEGO Yellow Mixels (combine all 3 to make Kombi Electroid)

  • 41506 Teslo
  • 41507 Zaptor
  • 41508 Volectro

The LEGO Microsite for LEGO Mixels is also now out, but there’s not much on it yet.

LEGO Mixels 2014 Microsite