LEGO Monthly Mini Model Build Instructions

LEGO Monthly Mini Model Builds (MMMB)

The LEGO Monthly Mini Model Build used to be a LEGO building experience where children can build the model at a LEGO Brand Retail Store (LEGO Store MMMB) and take it home for free. This started in 2009 and was ended in April 2019. Although the builds have been discontinued in-store, new model instructions are still available each month.

We posted some of the instructions in the past years but we won’t archive all of them. You can search for them on our site using the search function.

Here, you’ll find the LEGO Monthly Mini Model Build (MMMB) Instructions developed by LEGO for the year 2020. You can use pieces from your own collection to recreate these mini LEGO models. Alternatively, you can also purchase pieces individually from LEGO Shop at Home (Pick a Brick): USA | Canada | UK

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2020 LEGO MMMB Instructions

December 2020 – LEGO 40406 Human Rights Day Dove Bird 

November 2020 – LEGO 40405 Kindness Day Turtle

October 2020 – LEGO 40404 Teacher’s Day (Stationary Apple, Book, Pencil)

September 2020 – LEGO 40403

August 2020 – LEGO 40402 Humans People with Skateboard

July 2020 – LEGO 40401 Friendship Day Cat & Dog

June 2020 – LEGO 40400 Tree Build

May 2020 – LEGO 40399 Watering Can & Flower Build

April 2020 – LEGO 40398 Easter Bunny Build

March 2020 – LEGO 40397 Fish Build

February 2020 – LEGO 40396 Panda Build

January 2020 – LEGO 40395 Dragon Build

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