LEGO Muji New Products 2011 (Bricks & Paper)

Earlier this year, we’ve reported the launch of the new LEGO Muji Theme (レゴ無印良品 / 樂高無印良品). It appears that the line is pretty popular as more new LEGO Muji products are now available for sale! LEGO Muji products are quite similar to origami, but it basically adds/uses LEGO pieces on it. Thanks to Jeff for contacting us with the news again.

At this point in time, LEGO Muji products are available exclusively only at Muji Brand Stores and select Meiji online sites. Stores are located in almost all developed countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. To see all the new Muji LEGO products, please visit

LEGO Muji Christmas Party

LEGO Muji Hole Puncher Stapler (complements LEGO Muji sets)