LEGO Portal of Atlantis – €29,71 (Ships Worldwide)

Looking for a great deal on LEGO Atlantis? Amazon France currently has LEGO 8078 Portal of Atlantis significantly reduced for €29,71. Even if you are not into the set, its a great deal as it contains 1007 pieces!

This is also a very good deal even for those living outside of Europe! If you are from the US and ordering just one, this works out to be €34,75 after shipping and 16.4% off tax discount. After currency conversion, this works out to be ~$46 USD. Thats 54% off for US or 65% off for Canada!

Price for a Portal of Atlantis

  • USA/Canada: €24,84 + €9,91 = €34,75 (additional set cost only an extra €3,64 s/h!)
  • Outside of Europe: €24,84 + €29,4 = €54,24 (additional set cost only an extra €9,4 s/h!)
  • Europe: Base price (~1-2%) and shipping may vary depending on your location
  • France: €29,71

They also have some other irresitable LEGO deals going on like Atlantis Exploration HQ for €14,25 and Games Rameses Pyramid for €6,16. Check them all out on their bestsellers list!

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