LEGO Price Increase Hike Rise August 2022 Now Showing on Amazon USA

The LEGO price increase hike rise that starts in August 2022 have already started showing up on the USA site. Though, many LEGO sets are still at the old discounted sale price or old regular price (due to discount). 

Sets like 18+ LEGO Flower Bouquet 10280 regular retail price went from $49.99 to $59.99. Though, its still selling at the $40.99 discounted price. Savings work out to be 32% off from the new price hike. 

The LEGO Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Millennium Falcon 75257 also went up from $159.99 to $169.99. Currently, its still selling for the $128 discounted price. Savings work out to be 25% off from the new price rise.

Its probably not going to be long before these sale prices go back up at Be sure to check our Summer LEGO Price Hike Rise Increase Sets List 2022 here. We listed the most popular sets (primarily 18+ LEGO Adults Welcome) with the new prices from Barnes & Nobles. 

The LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada | UK | Australia) still has most sets at the old regular retail price. LEGO prices for many sets are expected to go up in Summer August 2022. 

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