Pride LGBTQ LEGO 40516 Everyone Is Awesome 2021 Set Images, Leaks, Prices & Release Date

LGBTQ Pride month is in June. LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada | UK | Australia) has revealed set images, leaks, prices and release date for the LGBTQ Pride LEGO 40516 Everyone Is Awesome 2021 set. Contains 346 pieces and is recommended for those aged 18+. Release date is Summer June 1st, 2021. Price is $34.99 USD / $44.99 CAD / £30.99 GBP / $59.99 AUD.

The LEGO 40516 Everyone is Awesome Pride LGBTQ 2021 set contains 11 monochrome LEGO minifigures with its own color. It is to celebrate the diversity, positivity and kindness. The background has rainbow color stripes as well. LEGO 40516 Everyone Is Awesome 2021 set measures over 4 inches high, 7 inches wide and 5 inches deep.

Additional product images, descriptions and regional pricing can be founded at LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada | UK | Australia) by searching 40516. The LEGO Everyone is Awesome press release can also be founded at the LEGO Newsroom.

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Not only is Lego getting into identity politics with this, monochrome figure values are going to DIVE. Poor move.


splendid! thanks . . .


I don’t see why this is PRIDE –
Everyone is awesome is the title – whereas LGBGTQ is not inclusive of ‘everyone’ – it is specifically missing non LGBGTQ people – which I guess is still more than half the population…..
So this isn’t LGBGTQ – and neither should it be…..
and Lego should be no more involved in political statements than it is in replicating war machines (which it refuses to do)
I was going to buy this for my daughter until I saw that it had been hijacked by PRIDE.
Rainbows used to be free for all to use until that got stolen from the Unicorns and Leprichauns

Last edited 1 year ago by Martin