LEGO Research Institute – Wider Availability (Now at Toys R Us Canada)

Both LEGO Ideas set, the Research Institute and Exo-Suit sets are now instock and available for sale at 21109 Exo-Suit is probably a little easier to find nowadays. 21110 Research Institute on the other hand had been quite difficult to obtain. It also created further difficulties when LEGO Shop at Home listed it as not being available for sale online and caused some worried fans regarding the limited availability at LEGO Brand Stores.

LEGO 21110 Research Institute (reg.$24.99)

21110 LEGO Ideas Research Institute - Toysnbricks

Its definitely good news that Toys R Us is now carrying Research Institute. So far, they’re the first retailer that is not LEGO to be selling the research institute set. This means that LEGO is no longer the exclusive holder for this Ideas set. Hopefully, other retailers in the world would start carrying this set soon. Thanks to Kateryna for writing in with the tip!

LEGO 21109 Exo-Suit (reg.$44.99)

LEGO Ideas 21109 Exo-Suit - Toysnbricks