LEGO San Diego Comic Con 2013: Marvel and DC Minifigures Giveaway

The 2013 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is now underway and this year’s LEGO exclusive minifigures giveaway has been revealed! Thanks to FBTB for the news.

Black Suit Superman & Green Arrow Minifigures

LEGO Black Suit Superman Minifigure San Diego Comic Con 2013LEGO Green Arrow Minifigure San Diego Comic Con 2013

The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Woman Minifigures

LEGO Amazing Spider-Man San Diego Comic Con 2013 MinifigureLEGO Spider-Woman Minifigure San Diego Comic Con 2013

SDCC 2013 LEGO Giveaway Details

Basically, you pick up your ticket at the booth once you scan your ticket. At 3:30pm, you can check to see if you won a minifigure.

  • Thursday: Spider-Woman (350 available)
  • Friday: Amazing Spider-Man (350 Available)
  • Saturday: Black Suit Superman (200 Available)
  • Sunday: Green Arrow (200 Available)

What do you think of these exclusive minifigures? If you want one, but couldn’t attend the 2013 SDCC (or you attended, but wasn’t a raffle winner), would you still pay hundreds of dollars for them?