LEGO Shop at Home Website Queue Line Waiting Page (Black Friday)

It appears that LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada | UK | Australia) has implemented a new virtual queue line for getting to their website. This only occurs when there are too many people trying to access it at once. It refreshes every 15 seconds.

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In the past during the start of Black Friday and VIP Weekends in November, the site usually loads very slowly or you are not able to even load the site at all. Basically, the site crashes due to an overwhelming number of people trying to access the site. This is probably a better system now so that some people can access the site, make their purchases and then leave the site.

Try not to change the website address bar when navigating the LEGO Shop at Home site.  Instead, click through the pages through the website. However, you may still be put on the waiting list again if you go through too many pages. When you change regions for the LEGO Shop at Home site, you may be placed in a new virtual waiting queue line again.

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