LEGO Speed Champions McLaren 720S – Exclusive Top Gear Interview with Designer

TopGear has conducted an interview with LEGO Designer Craig Callum on LEGO designing along with the LEGO Speed Champions McLaren 720S set. Pretty cool that you get a LEGO designer desk along with a designer minifigure. There are also some unique pieces such as the mini model piece that the LEGO designer minfigure can hold. Below are some of the key highlights.  The full interview along with additional details can be seen at TopGear. The set will be officially available this Summer in June 2017. Thanks to HothBricks for the news.

  1. The best LEGO cars are the ones with a story to tell
  2. It can take up to two years to perfect the design
  3. The cars are built using standardised LEGO bricks
  4. Each individual LEGO brick has its own name
  5. The instructions are super important
  6. The McLaren 720s LEGO was a head-scratcher
  7. The 720s LEGO set puts you in the designer’s chair
  8. The dream LEGO build? McLaren’s Classic F1

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