LEGO Star Wars 2012 Summer Rumored Sets List

Forum member anthonyj8 informs us that rumors for LEGO Star Wars Summer 2012 sets have been revealed at Jedi News. It looks like LEGO will be remaking more sets from the classic LEGO Star Wars movies like LEGO Jabba’s Palace. There will also be a few new Clone Wars sets like LEGO Saesee Tiin’s Jedi Starfighter and LEGO Felucian Fighter.

  • LEGO Desert Skiff
  • LEGO Cloud Car
  • LEGO Saesee Tiin’s Jedi Starfighter
  • LEGO Felucian Fighter
  • LEGO The Old Republic Starfighter
  • LEGO AT-ST Endor
  • LEGO Jabba’s Palace
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