LEGO Star Wars 2013 Sets

There’s been lots of rumors of what 2013 Star Wars sets LEGO will make. However, a reliable source at Jedi News has now revealed the list of the upcoming LEGO Star Wars sets for 2013. All of their previous rumors are correct so these names should give you a general feel of what to expect when January 2013 comes.

Planet Series 3 Sets

  • LEGO Kamino with Astromech Droid and Jedi Starfighter
  • LEGO Coruscant with Clone Pilot and Republic Assault Striker
  • LEGO Asteroid with TIE Bomber and TIE Pilot

Building Sets

  • LEGO The Old Republic Battle Pack
  • LEGO Clone Troopers vs Droidekas Battle Pack
  • LEGO A-Wing (includes Admiral Ackbar, Han Solo and A-Wing Pilot minifigures)
  • LEGO AT-RT (includes Yoda, Clone Trooper and Assassin Droid minifigures)
  • LEGO Z-95 Headhunter (includes three Clone Troopers minifigures)
  • LEGO The Rancor Pit (as revealed earlier)