LEGO Star Wars 2014 Summer Sets (Rumor List)

Hungarian Toy Shop has revealed a list of some of the 2014 Summer Star Wars sets. The list is a rumor and prices are only estimates. A good chunk of the sets are remakes, but most of them were produced quite a while ago except the AT-AT (8129 AT-AT Walker from 2010). Nothing too exciting with another Snowspeeder since we’ve got several of those in Hoth Rebel Base, Wampa Cave and Battle of Hoth already. However, its nice to see remakes of Mos Eisley Cantina and Imperial Star Destroyer as its been a long time since we’ve had that. Quite a good wave for the summer. What do you think of these new sets? (via FBTB and Groove Bricks)

  • 75048 – Phantom ~20-30 EUR
  • 75049 – Snowspeeder 278 pieces ~30-40 EUR
  • 75050 – B-wing 448 pieces ~50-60 EUR
  • 75051 – Jedi Hunter 490 pieces ~60-70 EUR
  • 75052 – Mos Eisley Cantina   615 pieces ~70-80 EUR
  • 75053 – The Ghost piece number unknown yet ~90-100 EUR
  • 75054 – AT-AT  1138 pieces ~110EUR
  • 75055 – Imperial Star Destroyer ~120EUR

Shown below is the 2006 Version of the 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer. Hopefully with this new version, they will fix up the stability of the bottom of the ship (which they did in the 2009 Venator class Republic Attack Cruiser). Quite an optimistic wave for the summer. What do you think of these new sets?

LEGO Star Wars 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer - Toysnbricks

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