2012 LEGO Star Wars 3866 9488 9489 9490 9491 9492 9493 9674 9675 9676

October 12 Update: Pictures are now available.

A rumored January 2012 LEGO Star Wars list with a total of 10 new LEGO Star Wars sets has been revealed! It looks like LEGO will be introducing a new line to LEGO Star Wars known as “Planet Sets”. These planet sets will contain a planet, a mini vehicle, and a minifigure. In addition, the 2012 LEGO Star Wars Battlepacks now includes 2 faction in each set. Thanks to forum member JabbaT for the news. (via Jedi News)

LEGO Planet Star Wars

  • LEGO 9674 Naboo Starfighter and Naboo Pilot
  • LEGO 9675 Sebulba’s Podracer and Sebulba
  • LEGO 9676 TIE Interceptor and TIE Pilot

LEGO Games Star Wars

  • LEGO 3866 Battle of Hoth

LEGO Sets Star Wars

  • LEGO 9488 ARC Troopers vs. Commando Droids
  • LEGO 9489 Endor Rebel vs. Scout Trooper & Stormtrooper
  • LEGO 9490 Droid Escape
  • LEGO 9491 Geonosian Cannon
  • LEGO 9492 TIE Fighter
  • LEGO 9493 X-Wing
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