LEGO Star Wars 853116 853127 853130 Accessories

The March 2011 LEGO Store calendar revealed 3 new LEGO Star Wars Accessories. Considering that the new magnets are now glued, it won’t be a suprise if these LEGO Star Wars ones are too. Thanks to forum members TooMuchDew and gabriellee11 for the news.

  • LEGO Star Wars 853116 Cad Bane Keychain ($4.99 USD / $5.49 CAD)
  • LEGO Star Wars 853127 Boba Fett Keychain ($4.99 USD / $5.49 CAD)
  • LEGO Star Wars 853130 Anakin Skywalker, Talz, Clone Pilot ($14.99 USD / $15.49 CAD)

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