LEGO Star Wars Product News – 10198 Tantive IV & Battle Packs

Heres a quick update on LEGO Star Wars including product availabilities and prices.

United States

The LEGO exclusive Star Wars 10198 Tantive IV is now available at for $159.99. Its higher than retail but it won’t be long now for Target & Wal-Mart to get this set ! Also, Wal-Mart is currently having a clearance on LEGO. Check out our forums for more details.

LEGO Star Wars 10198 Tantive IV (


LEGO Star Wars 2009 Battle Packs retail price has raised from $12.99 to $14.99. Prices at the retail level has not been marked up yet to reflect the new prices. You can still get your battle packs for $13.99 at, ToysRUs instores and Wal-Mart or $12.99 at Sears, Londondrugs, and Superstore.

LEGO Star Wars : Clone Wars 8015 Assassin Droids Battle Pack (

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