LEGO Store Calendar November 2013

The November 2013 LEGO Brand Store Calendar is now out. There’s not too much going on, but on November 29, there will be special giveaways. You’ll also get a chance to win an on the spot shopping spree of $1000 at your local LEGO Brand Store. Thanks to John for scanning the calendar for us.

LEGO Events November 2013

  • November 5: Free Monthly Mini Model Build (LEGO Tractor)
  • November 8-10 LEGO Master Builder Event at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida
  • November 29:”Surprise Deals”
  • November 29-December 2: FREE Exclusive Holiday Set with $99 purchase

 November 2013 LEGO Store Calendar (Front)November 2013 LEGO Store Calendar (Back)