LEGO VIP Rewards: LEGO Castle Logo Collectable Coin & Collectable Coin Display Case

LEGO VIP Rewards Center has added two new LEGO VIP Reward items. The LEGO “Castle” Logo Collectable Coin cost 1150 points while the LEGO Collectable Coin Display Case cost 700 points. The coin display case does not include any coins. This display case can fit 5 LEGO VIP coins. So far, there is only one coin available for redemption and that is the LEGO Castle Logo Collectable Coin. This means that there will probably be more LEGO VIP Reward Collectable Coins being released in the future.

Once you redeem the item, you’ll get a promo coupon code that is redeemable on your next purchase at LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada | UK | Australia). Code is valid for 60 days only.

LEGO Castle Logo Collectable Coin Description

Available to LEGO VIPs is this collectable coin featuring the iconic LEGO “Castle” logo on one side and LEGO® VIP logo on the other. Here is your chance to own one of a set of collectable coins created for LEGO VIPs. 

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Worth mentioning that shop at home orders are limited to one code per order and that the new GWP (Fire Helicopter or Police Water thing) is a code. Calling Customer Support was the only option of redeeming multiple codes. I’m hoping it was just an oversight on Legos side releasing the new code based GWP the same day new code base VIP rewards are released. Maybe the first coin should have been included with the case to reduce the number of codes to be redeemed *shrug*.

Jon Snow

I am French and just bought one, so no it is not for NA only ;-)