LEGO VIP Rewards: LEGO Space Logo Collectable Coin 2021 Now Available

LEGO VIP Rewards Center (USA | Canada | UK | Australia) has added the next LEGO collectable coin. The April 2021 Classic LEGO Space Logo Collectable Coin cost 1150 LEGO VIP points. It features an orange planet with a red spaceship. On the back of the coin, there is the LEGO VIP logo. This is the 4th coin out of a series of a total of 5 limited edition coins.

Once you redeem the item, you’ll get a promo coupon code that is redeemable on your next purchase at LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada | UK | Australia). Code is valid for 60 days only.

LEGO Space Logo Collectable Coin Description

Available to LEGO® VIPs is this collectable coin featuring the iconic LEGO® “Space” logo on one side and LEGO® VIP logo on the other. Here is your chance to own one of a set of collectable coins created for LEGO® VIPs.

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