March 2021 LEGO Friends Set Images (41440 41442 41445 41446 41450)

5 new upcoming 2021 LEGO Friends sets have now been listed at LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada | UK | Australia). The sets will be available beginning March 1st, 2021. Instead of LEGO minifigures, LEGO Friends sets contains various characters including mini-dolls and baby animals.

2021 4+ LEGO Friends 41440 Heartlake City Bakery

  • Retail Price: $19.99 USD
  • Pieces: 99
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Year Released: 2021
  • LEGO Mini-Dolls: 2

The snack-sized LEGO 41440 Friends Heartlake City Bakery set comes with cool details like pretzel, dish, ice-cream scoop, pie and more. Measures over 5 inches wide. The set is recommended for those aged 4+ which means very young kids can get involved in LEGO Friends as well.

2021 LEGO Friends 41442 Vet Clinic Rescue Buggy

  • Retail Price: $9.99 USD
  • Pieces: 100
  • Recommended Age: 6+
  • Year Released: 2021
  • LEGO Mini-Dolls: 2

This LEGO 41442 Friends Vet Clinic Rescue Buggy set contains a riverside scene and a picnic. You can conduct a rescue play as the tree can trap the dog. Includes a LEGO quad bike that can winch the fallen tree.

2021 LEGO Friends 41445 Vet Clinic Ambulance

  • Retail Price: $29.99 USD
  • Pieces: 304
  • Recommended Age: 6+
  • Year Released: 2021
  • LEGO Mini-Dolls: 2

LEGO 41445 Friends Vet Clinic contains a tree house and an ambulance. You can have a rescue mission when the kitten falls to the river. The ambulance measures 3 inches high and 4 inches long.

2021 LEGO Friends 41446 Heartlake City Vet Clinic 

  • Retail Price: $39.99 USD
  • Pieces: 258
  • Recommended Age: 6+
  • Year Released: 2021
  • LEGO Mini-Dolls: 3

LEGO 41446 Friends Heartlake City Vet Clinic includes a horse stable, a reception area and an examination room. Includes a road scene. Measures 6 inches high and 6 inches wide.


2021 LEGO Friends 41450 Heartlake City Shopping Mall 

  • Retail Price: $99.99 USD
  • Pieces: 1032
  • Recommended Age: 8+
  • Year Released: 2021
  • LEGO Mini-Dolls: 5 and a baby figure

LEGO 41450 Friends Heartlake City Shopping Mall contains 5 stores from food, fashion, music, tech and toys. On the 3rd floor, there is a food court containing a noodle restaurant and a bubble tea stand.

Additional product images and set descriptions can be found at LEGO Shop at Home ((USA | Canada | UK | Australia). Search the set number on the site for details.

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