McDonald’s LEGO Movie Action Cups Toy

Forum member dehnehsu found an image of the 2014 McDonald’s LEGO Movie Happy Meal toys earlier this morning. These LEGO toys will be part of the next Happy Meal promotion. So it looks like we won’t be building anything with LEGO, but instead we get cups that have LEGO Movie Characters on them. There’s 8 cups in total for you to collect. From an adult’s perspective, these are probably way better than the other toys they give out as the cup is actually something useful. Their Happy Meals do make a nice complete snack when you crave some McDonald’s.

If you live in Canada, Happy Meals are only $3.99 CAD and comes with choice of 4 pieces Nuggets, Chicken Wrap, Cheeseburger or Hamburger, Small Fries/Apple Slices, Yogurt, Child’s Drink and the Toy.

The next Happy Meal toy will be Adventure Time and Paul Frank (January 17) and will then be followed by The LEGO Movie.

McDonald's LEGO Movie Action Cups 2014 - Toysnbricks