Mini LEGO Store Model Set

Next month during May, there will be four LEGO Brand stores that will be having their grand openings. In addition to their free T-shirts, limited edition minifigure set (3 pack) and events tradition, it appears that they will also be offering an exclusive LEGO model. From the looks of it, it appears to be a mini LEGO Brand Store set! Please note that each promotion are on separate dates (i.e minifigure promotion is not on the same day as the model promotion).

Mini LEGO Store Set

There will be four new stores that will be offering this special exclusive offer. So if you live in one of those areas, your very lucky!

  • Canada: Vancouver, BC (Celebration runs from May 4-6)
  • United States: Wauwatosa, WI (Celebration runs from May 11-13)
  • United States: Woodlands, TX (Celebration runs from May 18-20)
  • United States: Peabody, MA (Celebration runs from May 25-27)

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