More 2016/2017 LEGO Winter Clearances

There’s a couple more LEGO Winter Clearances happening right now. Make sure to check your local Brick & Mortar stores as well for savings as many members are reporting other great finds!

United States

If you are in the United States, Barnes & Nobles stores currently have 30% off a variety of sets including LEGO Star Wars and Super Heroes. You can get an additional 10% off if you have their membership as well. Thanks to forum member fotorgasm and for the news.


The Bay online currently has 50% off a two LEGO sets. These include LEGO Nexo Knights Ultimate Macy (now $6.49; reg.$12.99 and LEGO Friends Heartlake Private Jet (now $19.99; reg.$39.99). Free shipping on orders above $45. You may want to check out their stores as well as they carry LEGO products so some of their LEGO sets could be on clearance as well! Thanks to forum member rexx for the news. also has a variety of LEGO sets on sale at 20% off as well.


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