More Information on Friends Advent Calendar 3316

James Calder reports to us that the LEGO Store in Fairview Mall (Toronto, Canada) now has the Friends Advent Calendars instock along with the City and Star Wars ones. Therefore, we recommend perhaps even checking your local LEGO Brand Store today.

Arnaud from France also writes in to let us know one of the rumored reasons regarding the limited availability for the Friends Advent Calendar 3316. Although its disappointing that there may not be enough Friends Advent Calendars for everyone, its good to know that LEGO is keeping up with its promise where “only the best is good enough”.

I’m not sure of my source, so I don’t send it directly. As far as I’ve understood, TLG has found out one of their producing sites (none mentioned, but pointing out to “non western Europe working for the American market” – I guess some eastern European site or even China ?) had been producing non-standard quality pieces for the calendar.

Thus, a part of production was halted early on, and either transferred or highly delayed. Either way, it means current production levels are far lower than expected. My friend who told me that said TLG would not discuss this “officially” until a solution has been found.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2012