More Kmart and Sears Stores will be Closing Down for 2014 Holiday Season

Sears will be continuing with more closures this holiday season including the location at King of Prussia Mall, the largest mall by retail lease area in the United States. Those living in Michigan and Indiana will feel more of these closures as many stores there would be closing down. Over 50 stores will be closed down and liquated. There’s a store closing list available, but it isn’t 100% accurate according to a Sears representative.

They’ve had many changes in the past few years, including conversions of Kmart Grocery Super Centers to regular Kmarts. Ironically, Wal-Mart is converting most of its stores to Super Centers with groceries. Some of the stores will be leased out to other retailers including Primark, an European clothing retailer according to WSJ. Perhaps, renting their stores out may be their only way to survive. With these closures, its definitely going to reduce the amount of LEGO deals available with fewer locations. Hopefully, if you are living near a store that’s closing, you’ll be able to find some good liquating LEGO deals. Forum member Nepenthe7 reports that his local Kmart started the liquidation with 30% off.

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