New Smaller Reduced LEGO Box Size?

Forum member cowbug reports seeing a new smaller reduced box size for LEGO Star Wars 8093 Plo Koon’s Starfighter (there may be more) at his local Wal-Mart in USA. He also reports that there is a new barcode for the new smaller box one. This may be the beginning of TLG’s effort in reducing their LEGO boxes. In reality, most of these boxes are way to big in the first place. By making the boxes smaller, LEGO can probably save on shipping and packaging materials. But of course, LEGO will have a tougher time selling them with smaller boxes. Afterall, putting 7749 Echo Base into a battlepack box size will probably not sell as well.

Did you find new smaller box sizes at your local store and are you in favor of TLG reducing LEGO Box Size? Join the discussion in our forums!

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