New York Toy Fair 2012 – LEGO Prices & More Pics from FBTB

FBTB has done a great job covering this year’s New York Toy Fair 2012 again. Be sure to check their FBTB Flickr Photostream as they have more and better quality LEGO pictures and info from the LEGO Toy Fair. So far, they have uploaded LEGO Superheroes, LEGO Lord of the Rings and LEGO Star Wars. Most of the sets will be available in June while Star Wars sets will be available in August.

For the Summer LEGO Wave, it looks like LEGO Star Wars will be hit hard on prices including 9499 Gungan Sub for $69.99 USD / $89.99 CAD and 9516 Jabba’s Palace for $119.99 USD / $149.99 CAD. In comparison to these sets, 9525 Pre Vizla’s Mandalorian Fighter ($39.99 USD) and 9515 Malevolence ($119.99 USD) looks like a way better deal (still expensive, but tolerable) with more pieces but of course, lesser sought after minifigures. I guess you have to pay a hefy sum between new LEGO Star Wars minifigures and LEGO pieces!

LEGO Star Wars Prices

  • LEGO 9496 Desert Skiff ($24.99 USD / $29.99 CAD)
  • LEGO 9497 Republic Striker Starfighter  ($44.99 USD / $49.99 CAD)
  • LEGO 9498 Saesee Tiin’s Starfighter ($29.99 USD / $39.99 CAD)
  • LEGO 9499 Gungan Sub ($69.99 USD / $89.99 CAD)
  • LEGO 9500 Sith Fury Class Interceptor ($89.99 USD / $119.99 CAD)
  • LEGO 9509 Star Wars Advent Calender 2012 ($39.99 USD / $49.99 CAD)
  • LEGO 9515 Malevolence ($119.99 USD / $149.99 CAD)
  • LEGO 9516 Jabba’s Palace ($119.99 USD / $149.99 CAD)
  • LEGO 9525 Pre Vizsla’s Mandalorian Fighter ($39.99 USD / $49.99 CAD) – Target Exclusive

LEGO Queen Amidala & LEGO Jabba Minifigures

Of course, there’s also some pretty heavy prices on some of the other LEGO themes too. Think 6858 Catwoman Catcycle City Chase is an expensive set with not much in it? Well, it just gets worst when you now only get a motorcycle and 1 minifigure in 6865 Captain America’s Avenging Cycle for $12.99 USD / $15.99 CAD. Our suggestion is to start saving your money now as we’re about to head into one of the most expensive LEGO Summer ever!