No Discounts Policy on LEGO Exclusives & Hard to Find Items

There’s been quite a few reports and rumors circulating regarding no sales or discounts on LEGO exclusives and hard to find items. Recently, John paid a visit to his local LEGO Brand Store with a 10% off store coupon only to be disappointed that LEGO Exclusives and Hard to Find Items like Modular Buildings, Death Star, Winter Village sets, etc are excluded from all sales. This isn’t just for LEGO Brand Stores and LEGO Shop at Home. In fact, its for all other retailers that carry these sets such as Amazon, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart and Target.

He emailed LEGO and this is their reply:

The LEGO Group is dedicated to providing a consistent price and experience with our most exclusive items. Bottom line, xxx, is that we are not able to accept discounts on any ‘hard to find’ or ‘exclusive’ items. Since this is a fairly new policy, we appreciate receiving your feedback that it needs to be more clearly communicated on the coupon itself. What this also means is you will not find these items on sale at special pricing on or other retailers either so the price on and in our Brand Stores is the best price you will find.

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What do you think of this policy? Before, LEGO exclusives are usually available to retailers other than just LEGO itself after a few months of release. Normally, discounts can be obtained on these sets from these other retailers.

With this new policy, is there really a need for these other retailers to carry these sets considering they won’t be discounted anymore? After all, you do get VIP points and occasionally special free gifts from LEGO Stores and Shop at Home, which of course provides a better incentive for buying from them.