Potential LEGO December 2022 Promotion: 40565 Santa’s Workshop GWP Gift with Purchase

The LEGO Instructions pages at LEGO (USA | Canada | UK | Australia) now have the digital instructions for LEGO 40564 Winter Elves Scene. Near the end of the LEGO 40564 Winter Elves Scene instructions pages, a new LEGO 40565 set has been revealed. This is probably known as LEGO 40565 Santa’s Workshop or Santa’s Holiday Home. The set (on the left side of the picture) combines with LEGO 40564 Winter Elves Scene (on the right side of the picture) to create a nice Christmas holiday winter scene. 

LEGO 40565 Santa’s Workshop will most likely be a LEGO December 2022 promotional gift with purchase GWP item. This is because LEGO usually releases two LEGO Holiday gift with purchase items each year. One of them is released in November during Black Friday. The other one is usually released in the month of December. Also, LEGO 40564 Winter Elves Scene is a LEGO Black Friday 2022 promotional gift with purchase. 

The potential LEGO December 2022 promotion GWP – 40565 Santa’s Workshop Home contains 2 minifigures including LEGO Santa and LEGO Elf. There’s a red facade for part of the workshop home and there are some interior elements. Features include some toys that the elf is working on.

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