[CAN] ToysRUs Power Miners, City, Racers, Pirates LEGO sale 15-25% off

EDIT: The online store shows up as buy 2, get the 2nd lowest price item 15% off. Buy 3, get the 3rd lowest price item 25% off. This works out to only around 8% off each set.

If you do it in-store, it will be 15 / 25% off your entire purchase and won’t be only the last item that will be discounted.

ToysRUs Canada is going to have a sale from May 22 to May 28 for ALL

-LEGO Pirates, City, Racers, Power Miners

*The sale will be buy 2 & save 15% off, buy 3 & save 25% off.

Plus ! Order online with an order of $49.99 or more and its free shipping !

View ToysRUs Canada LEGO section here !

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