[Raffle] Win some Classic Minifigures for Halloween!

So this year’s Bricktober minifigure magnets was a bit disappointing because they’re glued. Hopefully, this little raffle will make up for it as we’ll be giving away two rare non-glued 2010 minifigure magnets. The winner will receive last year’s Bricktober Minifigure as well as a Classic Spaceman Minifigure. Both figures are new in polybag packaging and are detachable. Wanna know how to win them? Find out in our forums!

  • LEGO Black Falcon Bricktober 2010 Minifigure Magnet (4613832)
  • LEGO Classic Spaceman Minifigure Magnet (2855028)


*Raffle giveaway is open until Halloween, October 31st at 9pm PST.