[Site News] Comments – New Regulation

Our New Regulation on Comments !
Learn more about our terms & conditions here.
All new users who have never posted comments will be subject to moderation and approval when posting. When they have been approved, the comment(s) will then be visible on the site. Registration is not required prior to posting. So feel free to post comments ! 
Due to the high traffic of spam bots, and users who violate our Terms & Conditions, we will have to enforce this new system* to prevent them from going even further. Examples includes the use of profanity, off-topic comments and self-promotion.
*If the situation doesn’t improve, we will have to enforce ALL users to register and logging in prior to posting comments. We really don’t want to do this as we want to provide convenience to our users. We want Toys N Bricks to be a fun place !
Toys N Bricks (www.toysnbricks.com)
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