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*Toys N Bricks is currently monitoring the situation closely to decide the next action to be done in order to maintain our site to be safe and secure.


We just want to point out that there has not been much improvement with our users commenting on our posts. These comments are usually meant for spam, advertising, inappropriate language and discussing sexual-related content. Due to the high volume of these “immature” users, Toys N Bricks may soon require ALL users to register/log in prior to posting comments to our site. This not only prevents “bots” from spamming, it is also the last option to regulate our Terms & Conditions. Users who violate our terms & conditions will receive a warning. Should they continue to violate the act, the user will not have further access to our site. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. But this seems to be the last option for us to keep the site “free” of these inappropriate comments.

Terms & Conditions
Please be sure to read our NEW revised terms & conditions prior to posting a comment. All comments that violate our guidelines will be automatically delated. If you are unsure of why your comment has been delated or would like to make an appeal, please contact us. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, but to keep our site “free” of junk comments, we will have to take necessary action. Examples include(s), but not limited to: Advertising, Spamming and Inappropriate Language

Learn more about our terms & conditions here.

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