The End of Toys R Us – Is This The End of Toys?

There were some rumors circulating yesterday regarding Toys R Us USA having plans to completely shut down. The UK operations was shutting down for sure. However, it was not 100% confirmed yet so we did not post about it. It looks like now that it is true as confirmed by USAToday. Toys R Us USA has filed for liquidation after failing to find a deal to solve their debt that is in the billions. They have their biggest operations in the USA with UK probably in 2nd place. Yikes!

Unfortunately, that also means about 30 000 jobs would be lost. All 735 Toys R Us USA stores will start their closure. Last year’s Christmas sale was a bust for Toys R Us. Q4 is one of their most crucial season during the holidays as that’s where they make most of the profits. Many toy manufacturers rely on Toys R Us to showcase toys throughout the year as many other retailers only stock them up during the Christmas season.

This is a big blow to the toy industry and also LEGO fans. Toys R Us is one of the major destinations for LEGO purchases and its really sad that they are going away. It also looks like fewer and fewer kids are playing with toys these days as they all play on their iPhones. They also have one of the biggest selection of toys aside from LEGO Brand Retail stores.

We still remember the commercial and song where they have “I don’t want to grow up, I’m at Toys R Us”. This is really sad.

We’re literally crying as we start listening to this song. We don’t wanna see the sun set for Geoffrey the Giraffe. )’: