The Launch of LEGO ReBrick

Don’t know what LEGO Rebrick is? Read the LEGO Press Release below to find out more! You can also check out their LEGO Microsite at

The success of the LEGO Group in recent years owes a lot to the dedication and love of the LEGO® brick by consumers and the fan community. ReBrick is a step further along the road of collaboration with LEGO consumers, but now with focus on sharing and celebrating what consumers create with LEGO bricks. We hope that ReBrick will be a source of inspiration for everyone in the LEGO community.

What is LEGO ReBrick?

  • ReBrick is a social media platform where users over the age of 13 can share and discuss user-created LEGO content online.
  • ReBrick users can bookmark LEGO content from sites, such as Flickr and YouTube and existing LEGO community sites, and have a discussion via comments at the ReBrick hub. It will not be possible to upload content to the ReBrick site, so the traffic will be sent back to the community.
  • ReBrick is LEGO Group owned, but the selection of content rests primarily with the user community
  • ReBrick will both serve as a social bookmarking hub for easy navigation of the latest and coolest user-developed LEGO content, but it will also enable this content to be pushed to 3rd party social media platforms, LEGO fan sites and other LEGO sites by the users.
  • ReBrick is not commercial and won’t be used by the LEGO Group to market LEGO products.

ReBrick amplifies the vibrant LEGO community

There are millions of articles, videos and photos featuring LEGO bricks on the web, and more show up every day. Some fan-made videos on YouTube get millions of views within a few days. Clearly, LEGO fans are already out there sharing and chatting away big time.

But the fragmentation makes it difficult for the casual LEGO fan or those just entering the LEGO hobby to find the content they might be looking for or just browse for inspiration. It is our hope, that ReBrick will make it easier to navigate, enjoy and be inspired by the awesome content created by LEGO fans and also facilitate new connections between people in the LEGO community. ReBrick acts as a hub, gathering the most interesting, off-the-wall and astonishing creations in one place so that fans everywhere can join the conversation.

Releasing control

Millions of user-created LEGO objects are already driving thousands of conversations each day. ReBrick will let the users moderate themselves, with little involvement from The LEGO Group. A set of simple House Rules will ensure that the core values that most consumers associate with the LEGO brand will set the tone for content and conversation. We believe that the consumers themselves know and appreciate these values and will uphold them.

”Always in Beta” mindset

From the early stages, the LEGO user community has contributed to ReBrick, influencing the way it works, the design and the house rules. The LEGO community will continue to be closely involved in the further development of ReBrick. ReBrick will continue to be co-developed with the LEGO community adding new features on a regular basis.