The LEGO Group Wins Lawsuit in Trademark Protection for Minifigure Shape

When you see the iconic minifigure, you would instantly recognize that it is a LEGO minifigure. Best-Lock, a company that produces building toys similar to LEGO has challenged them over its minifigure trademark protection. Today, the European Court of Justice has ruled in favor of LEGO over this dispute. Since 2000, LEGO has implanted its minifigure trademark.

After many of LEGO’s patent expired, many brands have imitated LEGO’s unique building brick design. In 2010, LEGO tried to trademark its unique 4×2 brick stud that expired through patent protection, but was unsuccessful.

Though, this is definitely good news that LEGO is still able to protect its minifigure through trademark protection. Thanks to Derek for writing in.

(via The Guardian)

LEGO Minifigure Patent Trademark

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