The LEGO Movie Available on June 17th

The LEGO Movie is coming out in DVD and Blu-Ray format on June 17th! If you are getting the Everything is Awesome Limited Edition combo, you’ll also get a free exclusive LEGO Vitruvius minifigure with all the play formats along with other bonuses. Thanks to forum member Penguinomf for the news.

Best Buy

  • Everything is Awesome combo – $34.99
  • Blu-ray/DVD/UV – $17.99
  • DVD – $14.99
  • Save $10 when you buy the movie and a LEGO Movie video game


  • EiA combo – $35.99
  • BD/DVD/UV – $22.99 (exclusive activity book and cover(?))
  • DVD – $14.99
  • Save $10 when you buy the Blu-ray and any shown set (Bad Cop Pursuit, Ice Cream Machine, or Trash Chomper (also on sale for $25)) or shown video game (LEGO Movie 360, PS3, or Wii U $39.99/3DS $19.99)
  • All LEGO Movie, Creator, and City sets will also be on sale


  • US Amazon – Not available for preorder. Amazon is having disputes with Warner Bros.
  • Canada Amazon – Preorder EiA – $29.97CDN, BD/DVD, $24.97CDN, DVD $18.99CDN

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