The LEGO Movie Now Available for Sale Today

The LEGO Movie is officially out today! There are plenty of merchants you can choose to purchase your copy of the LEGO Movie and each offer different deals. After weeks of disputes with Warner Brothers, is now selling the LEGO Movie again. There’s Everything is Awesome for $34.96, 2-disk Blu-ray for $24.99, or 2-disk DVD for $14.99. With the Everything is Awesome package, you also get the exclusive Vitruvius minifigure and lots more bonus content!

Thanks to forum member tremere for the news with Amazon and forum member Penguinomf for keeping us all up to date with all the deals below!

Best Buy (from the ad for 6/15-6/21)
Everything is Awesome combo – $34.99
Blu-ray/DVD/UV – $17.99
DVD – $14.99

-Save $10 when you buy the movie and a LEGO Movie video game

Target (from the ad for 6/15-6/21)
EiA combo – $35.99
BD/DVD/UV – $22.99 (exclusive activity book and cover)
DVD – $14.99

-Save $10 when you buy the Blu-ray and any shown set (Bad Cop Pursuit, Ice Cream Machine, or Trash Chomper (also on sale for $25)) or shown video game (LEGO Movie 360, PS3, or Wii U $39.99/3DS $19.99)
-All LEGO Movie, Creator, and City sets will also be on sale

US Amazon – Not currently available for preorder. Amazon is having contract negotiation disputes with Warner Bros.
Canada Amazon – Preorder EiA – $29.97CDN, BD/DVD, $24.97CDN, DVD $18.99CDN

Kmart (from the ad for 6/15-6/21)
BD/DVD/UV – $22.99
DVD – $16.99

– Shop Your Way members get 20% back in points on City, Movie, and Superheroes sets
– Free LEGO Movie companion book with any LEGO purchase. Limit 30 per store

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